Vivere in Italia

Do you dream of living in Italy? Have you thought about buying a property in Tuscany or Umbria? Would you like to turn that property into an income property? I can help you make your dream a reality.

Twenty years ago, I purchased a ruin that I transformed into Villa Baiocco over the course of a three-year renovation. I personally oversaw each stage of the renovation, choosing the most suitable materials and hiring the best talent in the field. In 2005, I built Casa Baiocco on land that was once occupied by agricultural outbuildings. I completed this work within two years, and in 2010, I expanded Villa Baiocco with the addition of three more bedrooms, a breakfast room, and a massage room.

In 2015 I purchased Villa Febea, a house dating back to the 1700’s, that until the eighties was one of the most beautiful villas in southern Tuscany. Abandoned for 20 years, this property was overlooked by many as it seemed an impossible undertaking. I could see the possibilities and visualize the final result. It took 4 months just to remove the overgrowth and vegetation that had taken over. After just 18 months the villa and property was returned to its splendor and beyond.

If your dream is to own a property in Tuscany or Umbria, I can help you find the right property for your needs and according to your budget. I can also put you in touch with experts who will help you handle the paperwork, and I can assist during every step of the purchase and/or renovation by recommending the best local companies.

You do not need to know how to manage property in Italy from the other side of the world. My highly qualified and reliable staff are ready to run your property, from cleaning to gardening. If you decide to make it an income property, I can handle it for you. Over the past 16 years, I have personally managed my own properties answering every client request and satisfying their every desire. I have a vast network of contacts and am acquainted with every secret of this sector.