About us

Jacopo Baiocco Villas was created in 2017 with the objective of defining a single brand that would bring together all the vacation properties and services offered by Jacopo Baiocco.

Jacopo Baiocco Villas offer you the choice of 5 Villas owned by the Baiocco family and one apartment personally managed by the owner, all the highest standard, equipped with every comfort, with access to an extensive range of services and activities. In addition, Jacopo is offering property management services to assist in the purchase, renovation or build of your own Tuscan holiday dream property.

Jacopo was born in 1985 and has lived in Tuscany and Umbria his entire life. After finishing his studies, he began his career working in the hospitality business as a bartender. After working and experiencing the food and beverage world he decided to throw himself into the vacation property business.

Jacopo began in 2002 with the Villa Baiocco. A property that was initially acquired by his father Giampietro in 1998. The Villa property consisted of a small farm house and agricultural buildings left to ruin. Jacopo began the redevelopment of the property with a complete renovation and the expansion of the small farm house. The Villa rentals began slowly on an individual room basis and then expanded to rentals of the entire Villa. After a few years of working and collaborating with several rental agencies Jacopo took over all the property management and expansion responsibilities.

Jacopo has continued to expand and restore vacation properties over the years with the addition of Casa Baiocco in 2006, Villa Asia in 2008, the 17th century Villa Febea estate in 2017 and finally with Casa Febea in 2018 and 2019. The Villa Febea property had also been abandoned for 20 years and left to ruin. Under the direction of Jacopo, it has been completely renovated and updated to the highest quality and modern conveniences.

Jacopo has developed an extensive variety of vacation services and activities that he personally manages such as, fully catered meals, wine tasting, cooking classes, as well as other services including transportation and holiday excursions to nearby towns that he recommends.

Jacopo has become a very experienced property manager and contractor with the many extensive renovations he has directed and properties that he personally manages. If your dream is to own a property in Tuscany or Umbria, he can help you find the right property for your needs and according to your budget. He can also put you in touch with experts who will help you handle the paperwork, and can assist during every step of the purchase and/or renovation by recommending the best local companies.

If you choose to spend a holiday in one of the Jacopo Baiocco Villas you will be sure to experience an unforgettable holiday. Jacopo and his Staff